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Microlight Aviation Private Limited is an innovative and entrepreneurially young aviation venture, engaged in promoting adventure & sport aircraft ownership in India by bringing them within easy reach of the common man. It is also the exclusive distributor for the complete range of aircraft ranging from Powered Parachutes to Microlights, designed and specifically re-equipped to endure the vagaries and extremities of the Indian weather as well as cater to the varied and unique requirements of the Indian enthusiasts.

The word Parachute has been the synonym of safety the world over and what would be more safer to fly than with the help of a Prachute itself, so Powered Parachutes (PPC) in comparison to other flying machines are much safer to operate and are inherently very stable and the safest way to get airborne. This is one of the main rasons that Microlight Aviation has now been appointed the Regional Distributor of Six Chuter International LLC for the Indian subcontinent, a globally well known name in the field of Powered Parachutes.

Microlights in comparison to heavier single engine aircraft have a very low cost of acquisition, operation, maintenance and are highly advanced in features and performance and this potential of theirs makes them better contenders for the emerging private transportation market of India. Due to their versatility and ease of use they are now being promoted globally for policing, border control, surveillance, photography, survey, sports, recreation and as UAVs, at a fraction of the cost of that of heavier conventional aircraft. In the field of Microlights too, Microlight Aviation now hold the distinction of being a distributor for few of the well known Microlight producers such as Aeropro, Flying Machines and Pipistrel.

Microlight Aviation's private airfield and helipad, the 'GO FLY' ZONE, which is situated approximately 6 km west of Shahpura town, (on NH 8 Delhi - Jaipur Highway), now houses the Regional Flight Center for Six Chuter International LLC for training, sales and maintenance of Powered Parachutes, the first of its kind in India. In addition, plans are afoot for GFZ Restaurant and GFZ RESORT & SPA, both of which would be co-located with the airfield.

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