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Microlight Aviation Private Limited is an innovative and entrepreneurially young aviation venture, engaged in providing aviation infrastructure to the fledgeling community of helicopter and very light aircraft operators. It is also involved in promoting adventure & sport aircraft ownership in India by bringing them within easy reach of the common man. The company holds exclusive distributorship rights for a complete range of aircraft from Powered Parachutes to Microlights, designed and specifically re-equipped to endure the vagaries and extremities of the Indian weather as well as cater to the varied and unique requirements of the region.

Though Microlight Aviation is headquartered in Jaipur, it's based at GO FLY ZONE, a privately held airfield owned by the company itself. The airfield is fully secured (fenced from all sides and under 24 hours electronic surveillance) and has a captive solar powerplant to take care of the power requirements of the whole airfield. The airfield boasts of 2 fully secured hangars and open air parking facilities for Small to Large Size Helicopters and Light Single Engined Aircraft. While the smaller hangar can accommodate light single and twin engined helicopters, the bigger hangar has been accommodating the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane and Mi-17 very easily. Organisations involved in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of Helicopters and Light Aircraft and Fixed Base Helicopter Operators are already based at the airfield and office and workshop space is also readily available for organisations wanting to shift operations. All the organisations presently based at the airfield have CAR 145 approvals. The airfield is situated 6 km west of Shahpura town (on Delhi - Jaipur Expressway), is well connected by road to both Delhi as well as Jaipur and is approximately 180 km from Gurugram and 70 km from Jaipur by road.

Microlight Aviation is also the Regional Distributor and Flight Center for Six Chuter International LLC of USA and the only Center for training, sales and maintenance of Powered Parachutes in India and South Asia. In the field of Microlights, we already hold the distinction of being distributors for few of the world's most well known Microlight producers such as Aeropro, Flying Machines and Pipistrel.

MICROLIGHT is the Registered Trademark of Microlight Aviation Private Limited
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